Here I post some papers, reports, and codes from past research I have worked on.

I’ve just completed my Lawrence University senior experience project in physics! I studied supersonic flow over a flat plate, wrote my own CFD code, and also Taylor-Green vortex motions using bifurcation theory. Here’s my project report: Physics_Senior_Experience_Report

My virtual internship at Ontario Tech University investigated transitional turbulence in Kolmogorov flow. Read about what I did in my project summary: Turbulence_Kolmogorov_report

I collaborated with a team at the Air Force Institute of Technology in summer 2019, where we published a paper on fluidic oscillator behavior. View the abstract here.

My project report on testing and comparing various optimization methods for the spin glass problem, done at the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands:  spin_glass_optimization

Some computer code samples in Python from the spin glass project, as well as some CFD code samples:


Fluidic oscillator simulation in ANSYS Fluent:

curved oscillator transient
Curved exit
straight oscillator transient
Straight exit