About Me

An energetic and creative pianist, Gabrielle Claus of Lancaster, PA began playing the piano at 6 years old. In 2009, she enrolled at the Pennsylvania Academy of Music and studied there until its closing in 2012. She currently studies at Lawrence University and Conservatory of Music in Appleton, Wisconsin. As a part of the 5-year dual degree program there, she is triple majoring in physics, mathematics and piano performance. Her teachers she has studied with include Michael Mizrahi, Bill Carrothers, and Ju-Ping Song.

Throughout her musical training, Gabrielle has been given numerous opportunities to develop wide-ranging musical skills throughout the vast musical repertoire. Besides frequently performing classical music, she is an active chamber musician participating in two chamber groups at Lawrence, and a collaborative pianist. In addition to piano, Gabrielle has sung in and accompanied numerous choirs, including the PMEA All-State choir while in high school and the Lawrence women’s choir, Cantala. She is a part of the jazz scene at Lawrence, including the jazz ensemble, combos, and gigs around the Lawrence campus. She also has studied trumpet with John Daniel.

Gabrielle visits retirement homes frequently to play piano for residents, particularly jazz. She has been a substitute pianist at her home church and for several churches in Appleton. Gabrielle has attended musical programs and festivals in her hometown, Elizabethtown College, Eastman School of Music, and Berklee College of Music in Umbria, Italy.

She has won several prizes in the Lancaster Women’s Symphony Competition, MTNA, and the Schubert Club Competition. In 2016, she made her orchestra debut performing Saint Saen’s Piano Concerto No. 2 with the Allegro NextGen Orchestra. Gabrielle received the Margaret Gary Daniels Keyboard Performance Award from Lawrence in 2018, as well as the Marjory Irvin Prize in 2019. She is currently an accompanying fellow at Lawrence as well.

In addition to music, Gabrielle has done research in computational physics and aeronautical engineering. She has researched at Lawrence University, Air Force Institute of Technology, the University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands, and Ontario Tech University. She has programmed in Python, Fortran, C++, IDL, Mathematica, and Visual Basic. Gabrielle will be attending graduate school in the following year for a PhD in  applied mathematics, with a focus in turbulence research.


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